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    Show Parent Folder Bug in LR 4.1 RC

    Beany from Brooklyn

      I have installed LR 4.1 RC and converted my PSE 10 catalog of ~37k images & videos. The import seemed to go well keeping the keyword tags and captions (I checked only a small a random sample so far). 99% of my images are in a specific folder C:\Our Files\Pictures


      In the Library, I rightclick on a folder and select Show Parent Folder, I get the following error:

      An internal error has occurred: Database "c:\Users\Daddy\Pictures\Lightroom\Lightroom\Lightroom 4 Catalog.Iract": columns rootFolder,pathFromRoot are not unique

      Statement: UPDATE AgLibreryFolder SET rootFolder = ? WHERE id_local = ?;


      The images are in the following folder:

      C:\Our Files\Pictures


      However, when I do the very same thing to a folder in:

      c:\Users\Daddy\Documents\Adobe\Premiere Elements 4.0\


      It WORKS


      This folder and others like it are the default folder that Premiere Elements uses for it’s videos.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      PS: I am new to LR but PSE is no longer able to safely handle a large catalog so I am attempting to move to LR.