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    I am having problems exporting to PDF using InDesign for Mac.

    gsacknoff Level 1

      Hi all!


      I just started using the Creative Suite on Mac and have run into a couple problems. One is that when I set up a document in InDesign using "Facing Pages" and then export to PDF, the document exports each set of "Facing Pages" as one singular spread (my 20 page InDesign document becomes a 10 page PDF). Once it is a PDF, there are no page break lines in the center of the spread to indicate that they are two separate pages, and when I try to set up viewing preferences in Acrobat (single or double page), it too recogrnizes each spread as a single page.


      When I used to do this in InDesign using Windows, whether I exported to PDF or printed to PDF from a document set up with "Facing Pages," each page would still be considered separate once converted to PDF (20 page InDesign docment becomes a 20 page PDF).


      This also leads me to my next question : I see that on Mac, there is no option for printing to PDF, but I notice a quality difference specifically when it comes to linework (vector information) that has been "placed" in the document from Illustrator. Is there any way to achieve the quality of printing to PDF on Mac?


      Thank you in advance!