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    Flashplayer 11 and Android 4.0.3 ICS


      Recently purchased an Android tablet - http://www.chinatabletspcs.com/Onda-Vi30W-8-Inch-Android-2-3-Tablet-PC-Capacitive-Touch-Sc reen-RK2918-ARM-Cortex-A8-1000MHz-512MB-DDR2-8GB-Wifi-3G-Flash10-2-OTG.html - running Android ICS 4.0.3


      I've downloaded and installed the latest Flashplayer using Google Play and everything seems to work OK but when my daughter tries to access the Moshi Monsters website - www.moshimonsters.com - the Flash part of the page doesn't load. I get the logo, the navigation bar - News, Forum, Help, Membership, Shop - and the company info at the bottom of the page but nothing else. I'm using the browser that was pre-installed on the tablet, presumably the standard Android browser.


      I'm a bit of a noob in all of this but, from reading the Flashplayer system requirements, I reckon it should work - am I wrong or, at the very least, doing something wrong?