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    Adobe Reader for the BlackBerry PlayBook Showstopping Issue: App does not start

    Daisuke A



      I would like to report an issue with the Adobe Reader app for the BlackBerry PlayBook which renders the application fully unusable. This issue occurs everytime. This issue has been tested and verified to occur in two distinct BlackBerry PlayBook devices.


      Here is a screenshot stating what version ( of the Adobe Reader app I have installed:




      This, I understand, is the latest version for my platform. Unfortunately, the application does not start. Attempting to run it results in a blank screen after showing the BlackBerry logo. The blank screen can be seen in the following screenshot:




      It is also strange that the application does not appear in the Application Permissions list, as seen in the following screenshot:




      Is there a fix for this showstopping issue? What steps should I take?