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    Text quality


      I am attempting to create a magazine cover with picture and text.  I have sussed out the pictures, but the text quality is rather naff on printing (depending on the font I use)  Any suggestions to how to improve the font or are there particular fonts that work better than others?

      Edit...using v6 and Time New Roman and Book Antiqua are printing fuzzy...Aparajita is perfect!

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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

          Printing from what – from the psd-file, a pdf, a flattened tiff, jpg …?

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            Bilbo_bj Level 1

            Sorry...'scuse my lack of info..


            I'm printinf from a psd file...17 layers.  Resolution is only 72 pix/inch (which I suspect is a problem)  18 x 24cm canvas.  Any other info needed?

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              c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

              If you intend to ever print that file properly 72ppi is naturally too low.

              But when printing from Photoshop the Type Layers should output as vector/type unless faux-styles are employed.

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                Bilbo_bj Level 1

                Again...'scuse my ignorance.  I get the resolution is a problem....Can I rectify this without starting again?  (Will do if necessary)  The type layers you have lost me...I don't understand vector/type or faux styles.  Are these paticular fonts? (in which case can you point me in the right direction to get a list?) or is it a setting (in which case, where do I go from here?)


                Thanks for your patience!

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                  c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

                  Type Layers can be identified by their icon in the Layers Panel and hold editable text.

                  Faux styles may output correctly (faux italic) or may fail (faux bold), in any case they are set in the Character Panel and change the appearance of a font in a way for which there is no proper font available.


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                    Bilbo_bj Level 1

                    I have type layers.  Do these automatically output as vector/type?  Apart from the size, my character box settings were the same as yours.  I'm guessing it's the resolution of the image.  In which case can I rectify without restarting (I'm more than happy to send you my project if possible and you have the time to look?)  Thanks for your help

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                      c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

                      Do these automatically output as vector/type?

                      It furthermore depends on your printer/RIP, I’m afraid, but most printers should nowadays be able to handle PostScript data.


                      In which case can I rectify without restarting

                      If you employ a non-destructive workflow you might by simply up-resing; do you place images as Smart Objects, perform any touch-up in the full-res SOs and apply Adjustments as Adjsutment Layers for example?

                      Could you please post a screenshot with the Layers Panel visible?

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                        Bilbo_bj Level 1

                        tester.jpg  This is the image.  I don't adjust pictures or touch up in this version...All admendments are done on original photos before pasting into this.  Hope it makes sense?

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          For future such work, if you have InDesign, I think that you will find the Text handling better, especially when going to a commercially reproduced magazine cover. If you do not yet have it, you might want to download a trial, and test it out.


                          Also, you will find out that besides the quality of the Text, handling it will be much easier.


                          Good luck,



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                            Noel Carboni Level 8

                            I kind of skimmed over the latter part of this thread, but if you were to change the image size to a higher pixel count with resampling of the graphics, it seems to me the text will come out better.


                            E.g., change it to 300 ppi, same physical dimensions.