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    Lost Install Disk


      I lost my install disk for Photoshop Elements.  I have the serial number.  What can I do to get a new install disk?

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          Manish-Sharma Employee Moderator

          Adobe can provide the Installation media of the latest version , i.e. photoshop elements 10 ,


          so if you have photoshop elements 10 then you can contact adobe but if you have the older version then


          go to prodesigntools.com

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            I had the same issue. Through trial and error, I found that if you go to the downloads tab on the adobe website and download the free trial ( or google photoshop elements 10 free trial) a same set up process happens that would happen if you had the actual disk is downloaded and while youre going through you can check the free trial or the activation code and enter that number

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              Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

              Correct Kannabel96 this will work as long as the trial is the same version as the product you purchased.  If Bobo6475 had Photoshop Elements 9 though, for example, then the trial for Photoshop Elements 10 would not resolve their difficulties.