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    Bullets, Numbering & Lists

    JamiRN Level 1

      I can't seem to find/figure out how to create bullets/number in Adobe Illustrator CS5.  Does anyone know how to do it or if it is even able to do that?


      I would greatly appreciate any help.


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          CupertinoFruit Level 3

          You cannot. Head to InDesign for that.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Amen to that.



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              JamiRN Level 1

              I was under the impression that In Design was for designing websites and magazines and such,  I am mainly making business cards, flyers, stationary, etc.  Do you know whether it would work for that as well?


              THank you for commenting.  i really appreciate it.  I have downloaded InDesign to try and I belong to lynda.com and so hopefully they will assist me in learning what I need to do.  This is very different for me as I am a nurse and I work with people to assist them to better health.  I am definitely not a graphic designer but I have noticed that it is less expensive if I design my own marketing material and educational materials than if I were to have a designer/printing house do it.  I have found a great place onoine for printing with wonderful pricing and that makes it nice.


              Have a fabulous day!


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                secretmantra Level 1

                Illustrator isn't really designed for doing elaborate list styles, etc. You can fake it in Illustrator, but I would highly advise using InDesign, especially seeing how you already downloaded the trial. It will work better for items you are trying to produce anyway.


                With that said, you can draw a text box, create a hanging indent, and format styles, bullets, etc. It takes a bit more work, though. The following sample image was created in that manner.



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                  ScottishRoss Level 1

                  Absolutely can add bullets in Illustrator:


                  if on a windows machine: hold down the alt key and press 0149 on the numeric keyboard (at the bottom right of tyour keyboard), when you release the alt key, a bullet should appear in your text.

                  if using mac: use option + 8 to insert a common bullet.

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                    atprintingflorida Level 1

                    Thank you ScottishRoss!! Have always used MACs. I am finding windows keyboard shorts a bit of a learning curve. (and more work)

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                      MikeGondek Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      There are a few ways to get bulletted list in Illustrator, unfortunately none are as easy as in InDesign. My favorite Illustrator method is to use paragraph palette >> indent first line.


                      Screen shot 2012-04-18 at 9.45.07 AM.png

                      You need to use soft returns (Shift return)after for example "well", and then use standard hard returns after periods. For the font/size above I set my First line left indent to -4 pt.

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                        darioluca Level 1

                        I found this way is better to me (sorry it's in Italian):


                        Schermata 2017-03-29 alle 10.55.31.jpg