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    Help with JavaScript validation of signatures based upon a form dollar amount



      First, I have no experience with JavaScript. 


      I have a PDF Form (Adobe Acrobat X Pro) with a dollar amount.  Based upon that dollar amount a certain signature (text box) must be completed.  Upon the mouse down action for the Save Form button, I need to validate that there is an entry for the correct signature (again, based upon the dollar amount).


      My weak pseudo code for this would be:


      If (dollarAmount > 0) and (dollarAmount < 100) and (signature1 == "") then printToScreen ("Requires Signature1")

      else if (dollarAmount > 101) and (dollarAmount < 200) and (signature2 == "") then printToScreen ("Requires Signature2")

      else if (dollarAmount > 201) and (signature3 == "") then printToScreen ("Requires Signature3")


      Any and all help would be appreciated.  Thank you.