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    Fillable Duplicate Form


      I just created a fillable form which we usually submit with an identical copy in a different colour. I duplicated all the fields and it worked great EXCEPT that when you type information on the original page it copies it identical on the second page only up side down. The text is rotated 180 degrees and I can not figure out how to rotate. Please help


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          gkaiseril Ninja

          Why to you think you need 2 copies?


          How did you create the second page?


          I would have save a second copy of the source form and then just insert the original copy into the second copy.

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            kdeua17 Newcomer

            Hi, it is Human Resources that needs two copies with the same information and different colour (University's policy) this is why I duplicated the form.


            How did I create the second page? I scanned the colour page and inserted into the original document.


            I will try your suggestion. Thank you so much


            Tried it, it worked BUT not with the same colour background

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              gkaiseril Ninja

              With the cost of colored ink or toner, I would use colored paper in different paper sources on the printer.


              Can they change their approach?


              You could add a field to indicate the color of the form when the form is printed. With some advance scripting you might be able to prompt the use as to which color to indicate the color content for the field and control the number of copies printed.

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                kdeua17 Newcomer

                I guess I could do any of the above but I would love to know how to change it just to learn for future reference. I mean, you can NOT have a duplicate function and when you use it the text is wrong! I must be missing something obviously.

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                  kdeua17 Newcomer

                  Took me a while........ quite simple, right click / properties / orientation / 0 degrees! I FOUND IT!