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    AFP Blocks Broadcasts




      I downloaded the latest version of AFP ( yesterday and since then my webcam has failed to operate properly in broadcast mode (fine in msn, but not online sites).

      I have done the following:


      Checked DirectX, uploaded latest drivers for webcam, updated the OS and checked firewall and permissions.


      This failed,so I reinstalled to whole XP OS SP2 and all updates (3+ hours to do). To check that the NIS (Norton) is not blocking the cam, I did not install NIS and switched off the fiewall. Guess what - still did not work.


      An older machine also running XP (similar age kit - same XP, NIS, cam, Firefox software), but with previous AFP runs OK!


      Has anyone have any idea what to do? Is this version rolled out by Adobe incorrectly tested/faulty?


      Anywhere I can download the previous version of AFP? The download links only refer to the latest version...