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    Using a transparent GIF

    Celeste.Caroline Level 1

      After an hour of frustration I'm turing to this group feeling totally inept.  I'm trying to insert a transparent image into an existing photo using Photoshop Elements.  I have an original photo I am trying to use as a background (I have tried using this photo in a jpg and a psd format).  I have a second photo I have cut a logo out of and saved to a file with a transparent background (have tried psd, gif, and png formats).  The new logo file has a the checkered background and seems to be transparent.  I open the photo I want to be the background and drag the logo on top of it.  A new layer is created but the transparent logo is surrounded by a gray box.  I cannot see the background image through the areas that should be transparent.  In other words, all the areas of the logo image that has a checkered background turns gray when I copy it on top of the background photo.  What am I doing wrong?  Thanks for your help.