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    rendering 5184x3456 res pics for time lapses makes it worse quality than before!

    Jordan Olthuis Level 1

      I am getting some time lapses now using my timer remote for my Canon 7D so I can get big resolution pics for my time lapses (5184x3456).

      I make HD videos and these time lapses will be great to have in them, before I would just record video and speed it up, now I can get them with big pictures.


      I would make a new sequence just for these pictures, I would use the 'digital SLR' sequence and make the resolution to be 5184x3456 and everything, and then I would put the pictures into that sequence and then I would bring that sequence into my other sequence where it would be used in the video, so that I can have control to make the time lapse faster if I want and I can easily and quickly change the scale and position of the whole time lapse to make it fit good into my 16:9 HD video project.


      the problem is when I press enter to render the pictures while they are in there 5184x3456 sequence, they get worse quality!

      I dont understand why! before I reneder it, I look at it at 100% to really see all the resolution, and I render it and it gets totally worse, I dont understand!


      What am I supposed to do? are some certain settings wrong? I even had the 'max bit depth' and 'max render quality' checked when creating the sequence if that means anything.


      so if you guys could let me know how should I be using these pictures for time lapses in my videos then that would be great!

      any help is greatly appreciated!