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    Have to re-install Flash Player on rebooting the computer

    Pilot 249

      I have already followed several 'solutions' to my problem but nothing helps. Uninstalled it, deleted macromedia file, unchecked active filtering, ....

      But everytime after rebooting and trying to open a program needing Flash Player I get the message 'Install Flash Player first'. So when I do this,

      everything works fine. But when I reboot, the problem is there again. When I check  in the Installed Programs in the configuration screen, Flash Player 11

      64-bit is installed. Btw I run on Windows7 64bit and Windows Explorer 9. In the configuration screen there is one item 'Flash Player 32', where you can open the 'Flash Player Settings Manager'

      Could this be the problem because there is a conflict? On my other computer i run windows7 32bit and there everything works fine.