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    PE 10/PrE 10 - Video playback, audio stops partway through


      Just upgraded from PE 8 to PE10 and also PrE 8 to PrE 10.  Videos were taken of drag racing cars with a Sony DCR 650 Handycam.  Playback starts and there is audio but partway through the sound cuts off and there is no more sound.  Videos played fine with audio all the way through to the end, in the camera, in PMB (Sony's video program that came with the camera), and straight from the hard drive with Win Media player.  I am using Win 7 with the videos stored on an external 3T hard drive.  I didn't find anything about this in the Forum and don't know what to do.  Had no problems with audio in v8 but there was a problem with seeing thumbnails of the videos.  I thought the upgrade to v10 would take care of the thumbnail problem so I could use the program again.  So now I have the thumbnails and a different problem.  I am slightly above novice with the camera and the software.  Can someone please help?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          When one encounters truncated Audio - it usually goes "flat-line" in the Waveform Display too, it is most often that the Conforming was interrupted. PrE uses the Conformed Audio files (CFA) to edit, rather than the physical Audio Stream from the Source Files. This ARTICLE goes into more detail.


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            Though the OP in this THREAD had a different issue, I detail steps for getting the Conforming to complete, replacing the truncated CFA files.


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              Krissybe Level 1

              Thanks for your response but could you just tell me what I need to do to fix this problem in plain English?  As I stated I am slightly above a novice with the camera and the software.  The answer you provided seems to be geared to a Pro with a lot of tech stuff that I don't understand.  Too many acronyms to figure out! 


              I have used Photoshop for photos for a few years and like the way I can tag and sort the photos.  And I did get into the editing features with the help of a "for Dummies" book.  But I am new to video cameras and the software terms and stuff.  In fact it is my husband who actually uses the camera at the drag racing track to video the runs.  But he doesn know much about the computer part.  I do the uploading to the computer and then to YouTube for him.  All we want to do at this point is be able to sort and tag the videos and then upload to his channel on Youtube.  I must say that he is very good at geting the action at the dragstrip.  He started out using the video feature on our regular digital camera but wanted to get better quality action videos, which the camcorder does.  Had no problems with the video from the digital camera but the video camera is a different story.  Maybe I should just find another program to use for his videos?  I know there are plenty out there.  We don't like the PMB program since it is bacically a snapshot of the hard drive and the tagging feature is very clumbsy.  

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                If the Audio did not Conform completely, then the CFA (Conformed Audio) file, and likely the PEK (Waveform Display) file, is truncated - only the first part is correct.


                Check to see if the Waveform disappears, where the Audio disappears.


                The fix is to:


                1. With PrE closed down, navigate to the location of the Media Cache files, and Delete the CFA and PEK for that/those file(s).
                2. Launch PrE, and Open that Project.
                3. With the CFA and PEK files missing, PrE should rebuild them, and let that Conforming complete 100%. Do not touch the computer, until the Conforming progress bar disappears.


                If that does not work, then:


                1. Delete the files with Audio, from the Project Panel, which will also remove them from the Timeline.
                2. With Windows Explorer, or Finder on a Mac, go to the Project>Media Cache sub-folder location, and look for the CFA and PEK files for those Deleted Clips (names should be easy to match up.
                3. Import that/those Clip(s) again, and do not touch the computer, until the Conforming progress bar disappears completely.
                4. Drag the newly-Imported Clip(s) to the Timeline to be edited.


                With less-powerful computer, many users have been able to do editing (though not with the Cliips being Conformed) elsewhere in the Timeline, during the Conforming process, but I recommend NOT touching the computer, while Conforming is in progress, and especially anything involving those Clips being Conformed. Depending on three factors, the Duration, how far from 48KHz and 16-bit, the Audio is, and the power of one's computer, the Conforming should not take all that long - maybe time to get a fresh cup of coffee?


                Good luck, and I hope that it is only a truncated CFA and PEK file.