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    Petition to extend LCCS Service until October 31st 2013

    lordalexworks Level 1

      I thought long and hard about taking this petition outside of Adobe's site, but the team behind LCCS have been so extremely helpful since the beginning, that I was persuaded otherwise. I also have confidence that Adobe will be taking this petition seriously, if backed by as many people as possible.


      That said, I kindly ask everyone adding their voice to this petition, to please keep it professional and do not turn it into a bashing session, but it be cool for everyone to mention reasons why an extension of the deadline would be helpful to everyone.



      Why we need more time?


      In our case, we worked mostly with the screen sharing feature (in my view the number 1 selling argument for LCCS). We have invested time and resources to use this feature and made it work for desktop and to some extend with mobile. We had plans to leverage LCCS array of features to move out of FMS and move some of our clients into a cloud scenario. As a company servicing other companies, we are now to research alternatives to reverse, not only what we have done so far, but also shut down ongoing projects and reverse plans that relied heavily in LCCS for development all the way to the end of the year.


      When you take into consideration the time, that it may take to prepare clients to roll out changes to replace LCCS key features, research, development, testing and deployment, 9 months is a very short time.


      I believe a scenario where everyone could have at least:


      • 3 moths for Analysis & Design
      • 12 months for Development
      • 3 months for Deplyoment and Support


      It may go a long way to release a lot of pressure for everyone involved and also without actually further dimishing Adobe's brand, it's very hard to default to another server (like FMS) product made by Adobe without raising a few eyebrows in board meeting, with such a short notice for a product, that was portrait not long ago, as the silver bullet to add Social and Collaborative Features to Flash Application at Adobe MAX.



      Please extend LCCS service until October 31st, 2013