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    How to decrease page loading?

    Cameron Reiter

      I've searched the internet inside and out and have found many ways to decrease page loading but cannot make any of them work for the site I'm building, www.ironhorsearmory.com. Some of the pages have a lot of logos which eventually will be links and I believe this to be the major factor affecting the speed.  I've used imageoptim on all the images but this had little or no affect.  Any help would be greatly appreciated before I pull my hair out.



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          Ken Binney Level 6

          Your huge bg image is K I L L I N G  you.

          Find a nice tiling bg image

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            Rik Ramsay Level 4

            You seem to have a bunch of script and a CSS style pasted in the bottom of the <body> element. This should be at the top, in the <head> element. As it controls your image scroller which you have set to become active at "DOM ready", loading the styles and script last is slowing it down a little.


            Your server seems to be painfully slow. I don't see much wrong with the imagery as the entire page is only 750kb but you could as Ken says create a tiling background which can only help. I would focus more on your server though as it was struggling to download anything for me.


            If you have Chrome or Safari, open up the developer tools (View > Developer > Developer Tools) and run an audit. It will tell you what is taking it's time and what you can do to optimize it. But make sure you clear the cache before you run the audit.

            EDIT:// I meant to add, try using CSS as much as possible. Your menu is all in image form and you have very little in way of ALT tags. If i turn off all images on your site, I see nothing but your copyright at the bottom (your text is white so I also suggest making that block have a black background).

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              Cameron Reiter Level 1

              Thanks Ken, a very nice catch which I should have caught if I wasn't so focused on the logos.

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                Cameron Reiter Level 1

                Rik, the site is hosted through justhost, is there anything I can do to speed up the server? Also, I moved the script and styles that were on the body to the head and added black to some areas.

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                  Rik Ramsay Level 4

                  Best thing to do is discuss the issue with your host and see what they suggest. All you can do on your end is ensure the code is cleanly written and any scripts/css are tidied up and anything not required is removed (You could always try turning the scripts off, reloading the page and see if it's any better. Then start turning the scripts on one by one until it slows right down. If nothing changes at all, it's not the scripts).


                  Something is stopping the images from loading immediately (the marquee section loads first but nothing else) and I have now checked from 2 different computers on 2 different networks.


                  Hope you get it sorted.