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    Project not valid!!!

    JezHumberston Level 1

      Hoping that a solution can be provided. I have been working on a huge project on Photoshop Touch on Android tablet, have invested over 40 hours. Have regularly saved project. Have just gone to open project and getting 'cannot open as it is not a valid project' I can still see the project, but cannot access it , or copy picture to camera roll, or save to Cloud. Is there anyway I can access the file within android to recover file. It would be dreadful if I have lost all my work, I need to be able to use a reliable editor with no risk of corruption. Look forward to comments.

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          Ignacio Barrientos Adobe Employee

          Could you please give some information about the size of the project.

          Image size and amount of layers?


          Is the thumbnail still showing the content of the file or is it gray/black?

          Did you ever switch application during saving?




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            JezHumberston Level 1

            Thanks for speedy reply. Complete image is shown in thumbnail, about 6 layers, and size 1600 x 1600.



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              greule Adobe Employee

              Are you able to duplicate the project and start form there?

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                jessandsizzle@gmail.com Level 1

                Looks like I'm not the only one having this issue. I've lost two projects with many hours invested in each. Same thing, thumbnail shows everything. I can download as a psd onto my desktop, but half the layers are empty.

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                  Florianna Level 1

                  Hi! I'm getting the same problem. It started today, and it happened TWICE! I am working on an iPad 3, iOS 7.0.4. I had just finished a project, and when I tried to save it, PS Touch froze on the saving window. I waited about 10 mins to no avail, so I restarted the app. That was when the first octagon with an X appeared, claiming the last file I had saved before today's was not a valid PS Touch file. I started a new file and project, saved it once, exported it to the Gallery, modified the project and tried to save it again, only to get the octagon with an X and that annoying "This is not a valid Photoshop Touch Project" message. Now i fear opening any of my other projects - help!

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                    joerg eberhardt Employee Moderator

                    Hi Florianna & Jez,

                    Opening a project should not be the problem here.

                    PSTouch projects might get invalid for example in case there is a crash or freeze while saving the project - leading to an only partially saved file.

                    However please duplicate your project and then open it.

                    I also would recommend backing up your data with the build-in Creative Cloud sync. There is an option for a 2GB free account.

                    Another tip is to save often, create a duplicate and continue working with the duplicate and so on.

                    Be aware that working with large projects (huge dimension / high layer count) it is easy on an tablet to run into memory issues.

                    That is definetly something PSTouch needs to address.

                    Thank you!

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                      This relates to Photoshop Touch for my Android device (Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1)


                      I've been working on a project for about 60 hours over many days, saving regularly.  However, when it was all finished a few minutes ago and I pressed to save, Photoshop crashed and closed.


                      Now, when I relaunch Photoshop Touch and try to open my project again, I can see the image well in the thumbnail preview but I get the message " Cannot Open Project.  This is not a valid Photoshop Touch project".


                      How can I solve this?


                      I am devastated, I've invested so many hours' work into this project and it now seems as if the file has become corrupted.


                      I had been working with about 6 layers, but prior to saving the last time I merged all layers together.


                      Please help me recover my file.


                      If I can send the file to you, I cannot actually find where Photoshop Touch saves its projects



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                        Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

                        Can you do anything else with the project, like export it to a file format such as JPEG?


                        I take it you can't duplicate the project as joerg noted before?

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                          JAC82 Level 1



                          No, I tried to export as both JPEG and PNG but it does not allow this, it just freezes with the loading sign indefinitely.


                          I also tried duplicating the project but have the same issues with the duplicate.


                          Is anyone able to help with either telling me where the actual projects physical files are located, or if someone is able to fix my file as I suspect it got corrupted when saved?


                          Thanks for help and suggestions

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                            Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

                            How about PSD (or PSDX)? Can you export as those file types? Someone stated in this thread that they were able to open it that way but they lost some layers.


                            You can export to PSD to something like Dropbox or email. You can export to PSDX to the same outlet but note that only Photoshop CS6 and CC can open PSDX files. (Also note that you can upload PSDX files to Creative Cloud but requires a (free) account.)


                            The projects themselves in the PS Touch project file UI are self-contained; the only time you actually get a tangible file is when you export. (But I would guess that PS Touch's projects are natively in PSDX format, though they are hidden per se as noted before.)

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                              JAC82 Level 1

                              It only allows me to export as a PNG or JPEG unfortunately.


                              I was unaware I could export to Dropbox or e-mail.  I have no idea how to do this though

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                                JAC82 Level 1

                                I've managed to get the PSDX file ontot the creative cloud, and now to my PC desktop, but I have a very old Photoshop and cannot open PSDX files.


                                Anyone able to help with this?


                                I'm guessing several layers have been lost though, at the very least, as the file is now only 209kb in size...

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                                  Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

                                  If you have a service like Dropbox (and the app installed), try to export the project as a PSD file. (Export icon > Share > select PSD as the file type > OK > Add to Dropbox.)

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                                    JAC82 Level 1

                                    Hi again


                                    I've just tried this (PSD) but get the same problem as when I try to export as JPEG or PNG in that it loads indefinitely but does not do anything.


                                    As per previous post I am able to get it out as a PSDX file as it is simply copying the file and not trying to format it, but I cannot open PSDX files with my PC version of Photoshop

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                                      Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

                                      There are a couple of options: Download the trial version of Photoshop CC or have someone with Photoshop CS6 or higher open the PSDX file for you. (I could; I have Photoshop CC. Share the file publicly on something like Dropbox and I can check it out.)

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                                        JAC82 Level 1

                                        I downloaded the trial Photoshop CC.  When I open my file, it is literally just one blank layer

                                        It's looking more and more like I'm going to ahve to start from scratch.


                                        The only thing that gives me a glimmer of hope of retrieving my work is that, in the thumbnail preview in Photoshop Touch, it is still showing a thumbnail image of my file as it was when I saved it.  I wouldn't have thought it would do this if my file was now literally just one blank transparent layer.


                                        I know some of the Adobe staff have been trying to help people with corrupt files.


                                        Anyone know how to do this?


                                        PS Warunicorn, you've been a great help in trying to help me get a solution, thank you very much

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                                          JAC82 Level 1

                                          Hi I know some of your staff ahve been offering to help people with corrupt PS Touch files.  Regarding my later posts in this thread, is this something you could also help me with?  Thanks