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    Exporting: Multiple Files and Swatches

    MagicToaster Level 1

      Hey guys!  I have a couple of exporting questions


      Exporting Swatches:

      I'm creating a color coded system to identify insurance policies.  Last year, it was just a couple of policies, so managing them was pretty straight forward, this year I got close to 50 new products. I might not be the only person working on this project in the futre so I want to create a swatch file to pass around to anyone who might need to work on any supplementary designs and thus avoid any confusion.  My purpose is to rename the colors, not by their color combination, but by the policy name.


      Can I export the swatch file after I'm done creating it?  Can someone else import it?  Will the name changes be preserved or will they revert to the default color combination label?



      Exporting Multiple Files:

      Last year, when I did this particular project, I worked all my files individually. My client, God bless him, gave me constant changes.  It was just a couple of policies, so going in one by one was not a big deal.  This year, I've decided to put all my files into one master document and just change one and done!  The only problem I see comes when I have to export them because I'll need them as individual files with the policy name as a file name.


      Is there any way to export a multi-page document as individual files with unique names?



      Exporting Celebrities:

      Is there a feature that lets me export annoying celebrities?  To another country I mean.