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    Testing Encore projects

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      This question was posted in response to the following article: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/encore/cs/using/WSbaf9cd7d26a2eabfe807401038582db29-7ed1a.html

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          davidp158 Newcomer

          I have linked a .mov file to a menu, to serve as a motion background for the menu. Per the instructions above, I used the "render current menu" button, but when I preview it the navigation buttons work as expected, but there is no motion. I have confirmed the video has motion by viewing it on the desktop, so I must be doing somethign wrong within Encore. Any suggestions?

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            Stan Jones Ninja

            Have you added any extra layers (particularly a background layer)?


            Please post  a screenshot of your flowchart and your menu layers.

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              davidp158 Newcomer

              Hi Stan,


              The menu was created in Photoshop with background created as a frame export from After Effects. This background was just for visualizing the location of menu buttons. I rendered a movie from After Effects, which is what I want to use for the background of the menu. Per a tutorial I saw on lynda.com, I thought I could replace the menu background with the movie file by holding down the Option key while dragging the movie into the menu. Nothing happens when I do this.



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                Stan Jones Ninja

                Edit in photoshop, select "Layer 0," and then (I think) use Layer -> Create background from layer (or something like that). PS will rename the layer "Background" and lock it.


                Encore looks for the layer named Background and substitutes the motion for it.


                When you add a layer (which is where I have had this problem; here you substituted,and I wonder if this is still the problem), Encore replaces Layer Background with the motion, but the Layer "My Extra Background Layer" covers up the motion and so the rendered menu looks the same.


                Let us know.

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                  davidp158 Newcomer

                  Stan - Thanks for your suggestion. It worked, but took some extra steps.


                  I converted the "layer 0" to a background, and tried to use the "replace menu" command in Encore. Encore wouldn't comply, so I went through the "import as menu" command, reassigned all my buttons and navigation, and things are finally working. After getting the new menu reconfigured, I deleted the old one and Encore crashed. !@#$%^!!! So, I got to review the process all over again. Practice makes perfect.


                  Now, how do I indicate that my question was successfully answered?


                  thanks for your help,


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                    Stan Jones Ninja

                    Sorry, my "edit in photoshop" (from an Encore perspective) means:


                    In Encore, select the menu, then select "Edit in Photoshop." Make the edits, save in Photoshop and close. When you switch back to Encore, the menu is updated.

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                      davidp158 Newcomer

                      Stan - Thanks for the clarification. I'll use that route next time around. After Effects, and I think Premiere Pro, have the ability to reload a file updated in another application. I was hoping Encore would have a similar feature.

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                        Stan Jones Ninja

                        As I started writing this comment, I realize that the dynamic link with Encore from AE and PR, is a bit like the "dynamic link" Encore has with Photoshop. They are all one way: since Encore cannot be imported into AE or PR (or PS) directly. Encore sorta has dynamic link with PS as long as you use the "Edit in Photoshop" option.