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    Export multiple ARTBOARDS to multiple JPGs (AppleScript)

    macbeth07 Level 1

      I´m aware that Illustrator doesn´t have multiple artboards options for JPG as it does with eps, or other formats, but is there any workaround for this??

      Looping current artboard and exporting them to JPG or something. 

      Or maybe there is someway to force the   "save multiple artboards:true" in JPG??



      export document currentDoc to file exportFolder as JPEG with options ¬

                                                        {class:JPEG export options ¬

                                                                  , quality:100 ¬

                                                                  , artboard clipping:true ¬

                                                                  , artboard range:1 - 2 ¬

                                                                  , save multiple artboards:true}