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    A registered CS 5.0 but lost my disk so how do I reinstall?


      I purchased CS 5.0 a year and 8 months ago.  I lost the CD and had to reinstall my operating system on my computer.  I registered the product online incase something like this happens.  The chat rep said she couldn't do anything for me.  Is there anyone who can help me figure out how to get an install disk for CS 5.0?  I'm not paying $300 for a product again after I bought it less than 2 years ago and registered it so that I could get help like this in case the CD's were lost.  I have the files of the program in a folder from the previous operating system (i just reinstalled windows 7 and it put all my old files into another folder labeled windows old).  But i get a error 6 code and tells me to reinstall it when I try the application exe. for it.  Please help!