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    Aggravating AA problem. Toggle issues again

    Colday213 Level 1

      Hi all.


      Have a slide that I have set up as a simple quiz slide without using a CP quiz template.


      I've a multiple answer multi choice question with 6 answers, all of which need to be ticked to make the question correct. There is no need for this to report to an LMS.


      The reason for doing it this way is that I have audio attached to the text captions which wasn't working very well in the quiz template version of the slide.


      So, I have created a highlight spot graphic to indicate when the question has been 'ticked'


      I've set variable v_kc_1 through v_kc_6 to zero.


      I have set AA cb_1_on (this is attached to a clickbox over the text caption) to do the following:


      Assign v_kc_1 with 1

      Assign rdcmndGotoFrameAndResume with rdinfoCurrentFrame

      Show im_on_1 (this is the highlight spot graphic)

      Show cb_1_off (this is a clickbox that does the fololwing and sits above the cb_1_on)


      Second AA set to cb_1_off does:


      Assign v_kc_1 with 0

      Assign rdcmndGotoFramdAndResume with rdinfoCurrentFrame

      Hide im_on_1

      Hide cb_1_off


      This is then replicated across the other clickboxes and variables.


      This works once, so I click the TC and my highlight lights up, I then click it again and it goes out. I added a tc with the variable v_kc_1 to the page and it shows it working fine.

      However, it then stops. I get the clicking noise in the background but the highlight doesn't change and the variable stays stuck on 0.


      I'm a wee bit annoyed right now with this as it looks like it should work.


      I have a 'repeat' AA attached to the end of the slide (Expression rdcmndGotoFrameAndResume = rdinfoCurrentFrame - 1) just for info but the timeline isn't getting there so it's not that.


      The only thing not happening is that I have no OnEntry AA set up. As it's just a basic slide I've used the 'visible' tick box in the properties pallete.


      Any ideas anyone?


      I'm stuck.