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    Best Design approach for reusability

    Phoenix_Guru Level 1

      Hi Folks,


      I have around 80 Forms to design, which are simple letters. The only thing that changes in those forms is the body of the letters.
      The Logo, salutation, Address Line and footer remain the same.


      I am trying to figure out the best way to design these forms. Following are the approaches I have considered:


      1. Having 1 XDP and just making the body text Dynamic - One major con would be that I would not be able to retain the bullets, numbering and formatting of the body text. Unless someone suggest a way to do that.


      2. Having 80 XDPs and create fragments for the repeating fields. - Would need effort to do 80 XDPs.


      3. Having 1 giant XDP with 80 pages and hide the pages that I don't need. - Would be too bulky and inefficient I guess.


      Which one would be the best way to proceed? Are there any other approaches that I might want to consider?


      Is there a way to make the body part dynamix and still retain the Formatting properties of the text?