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    Recording Completions Under AICC


      I have developed what is essentially an assessment of our employees' knowledge of some of our compliance and ethics policies. It is in 5 modules - Introduction (which must be completed before the content modules are unlocked), 3 content modules (which must all be completed before the Conclusion module can be unlocked) and the Conclusion module which consists of one "For more information..." page and should be triggering completion registration of the course. THe entire course is designed to take less that 10 minutes if they know the information and 15 maximum if they don't have a clue about anything at all.


      The questions in the content modules must be answered correctly before the module is passed. If any module is not passed it must be taken again. All three content modules must be passed before the Conclusion module is unlocked. By default, if the Conclusion module is enabled the content modules have been completed successfully.


      I had to use the radio button and checkbox widgets to create my questions because, since each module can be accessed spearately and in any order, I had to be able to reset the questions in any given module before the other modules are accessed - I'm not a big fan of forcing users to complete 2 modules when we already know they did not pass the first one and are going to have to take it over again anyway. So, I let them go through the content modules in any order - it doesn't matter as long as all three are eventually completed successfully.


      The problem is that the completion is not being registered when the Conclusion module is reached. Because I'm not using Captivate's quizzing functionality, I can't have Captivate report a score (either points or percentage) because that is being changed every time the user accesses one of the content modules.


      I tried setting the reporting status to number of slides viewed. The minimum number of slides viewed in the course is 30 so I set that value to 30 and that works. The problem is - if someone does NOT successfully complete one of the modules or answers some of the questions incorrectly and goes through remediation screens and retakes a module, they could go well over 30 slides and they would be registered as completed without actually having successfully completed all three content modules.


      So, I tried splitting off the Conclusion module into it's own project and calling it from the "Conclusion" clickbox on the main menu. The Conclusion project is set to report completion on user access. That seems to be working but the communication between the main course module and the LMS is being lost when the content project is closed and the Conclusion project is opened, so completion for the course is not being registered in the LMS.


      I and my LMS gurus have tried everything we can think of and nothing seems to be working. I know there are several system variables that contain the information I need that will make it all work, but I can't access or set those variables (and probably justifiably so - it wouldn't be ideal to let people mess with system variables when they don't know what they are doing, but in a case like this it would be exceptionally beneficial because I need for Captivate to report completion and can't get it to...)


      I know there is an AICC variable AICC_Lesson_Status that I thnk would solve this issue but I can't see any way to set it from within Captivate.


      I'm at a loss. It kills me to think that I resolved all of the other coding issues (with some very invaluable assistance from folks here) only to have the entire project fail because I can't get it to report completion to the LMS...


      Any suggestions or recommendations on what else to try? Other than retirement and going fishing? (My preference would be the latter, of course, but it doesn't seem to be terribly practical at the moment. Besides, I HATE it when the computer wins.....)



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          RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It sounds like you're trying to do something that is a classic fit for SCORM 2004 sequencing.  Before you pull your hair out, I suggest doing some research on this via Google and the Rustici SCORM website to see whether the better solution would be to break your project up into multiple SCOs, combine them all into a Multi-SCORM package (using Adobe's own packaging tool or the RELOAD Editor), and then hacking the imsmanifest.xml file to add sequencing rules recognised by your LMS.

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            mjerni Level 1

            Rod – Thanks for your response. I have no idea what you are talking about but hopefully my LMS guys will. I’ll check with them.



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              mjerni Level 1

              I reviewed information about this but I don’t think it is going to work for us since the LMS we are working with is AICC compliant…



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                RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                It would be extremely unusual for your LMS to be ONLY AICC compliant and not also be SCORM compliant.  Did you investigate whether or not your LMS can also do SCORM and if so whether it does SCORM 2004 or just SCORM 1.2? 


                The only reason most people would be using AICC as their standard for reporting would be due to the need to have the course content NOT served from the LMS domain.  AICC has the advantage over SCORM in this particular area because of the way data is communicated to the server as URL variables rather than via a JavaScript API.  I realise this is also probably over your head, but it might be worth passing along to your LMS buddies.


                If you have the option of using SCORM 2004, then you can configure your Captivate projects to work with this output and you are much closer to your goal.  All you'd need to do is work out how to hack the imsmanifest.xml file to include the sequencing rules you want.  Having said that, before you go too far down this path, make sure your LMS supports the sequencing part of the SCORM 2004 standard.  If you've been using AICC till now, it sounds a little like your LMS might be a tad on the old side.

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                  mjerni Level 1

                  Our LMS is SCORM compliant as well but they don’t support SCORM for this LMS because, according to them, it doesn’t work as well as AICC…..


                  Yeah, quite a conundrum…