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    CS3 Meta Tag

    Timber%% Level 1


      I am adding to my web pages appropriate Titles ; and then adding 'keywords and descriptions' so that hopefully in a browser search these pages will be discovered.


      To test the key words when I entered a search using a few of those key words my pages were discovered - and that was good news - however those pages came up with a https.


      The pages should be in this example - http://meherbabalibrary.com/etcetec/etc


      However the key word search the pages come up with in this example https://meherbabalibrary.com/etc/andsoforth


      And all those https links fail because I did not create any https pages. Those pages do not exist.


      Obviously the keywords are working however the page links are failing. Is there a remedy so that the search will produce only ligitimate http pages ?