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    What will happen to Contribute in the future?

    nocturnal YL

      I think Contribute has been discontinued or will not show up in the next CS. Reasons:


      • In the CS5.5-to-CS6 free upgrade offer, It listed a few products that are not eligible for the upgrade: Acrobat, OnLocation, Flash Builder, Flash Catalyst and Contribute. Among them,
        • OnLocation cannot be purchased individually (so there should be no real reason for it to show up in the first place). Also, OnLocation is dead.
        • Acrobat and Flash Builder don't follow the CS release schedule (FB4 was out slight before CS5, close enough but still different).
        • Flash Catalyst is dead.

      Since Contributeis an individual product that follows the CS release schedule, its exclusionmeans either it is excluded from CS in the future, or is outright killed.


      • In the downloads report found in the Marketing Hub, assets for Ps, Ai, Id, Ic, Fl, Dw, Fw, Pr, Ae, En, Au, ExtendScript, AME, Extension Manager are all found, but not Contribute. Source

      But then, the weekly downloads report mentioned the EOL of Device Central and OnLocation, but not Contribute.


      And that is leaving me with the question on whether Contribute is still alive, and what is going on there.