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    how do i autofill textboxes based on the selection from an option group?


      hello!  i have 4 columns of data and i would like to do something like you see when you order something and you fill in the billing address, and then there is a button for the shipping that says "same as billing?".  if you check that, it autofills.

      well i need 3 of the columns to be able to autofill if the user selects one of the other three as their "same as" type.  if not, then the users needs to be able to type it in.

      i can do it on a single checkbox, but am confused as to how to do this with an option group of 3?


      any assistance would be appreciated!


      oh, also, is there a way to have the option group "empty", no selection made if the user does not what to choose anything?  or do i have to have an "NA" type of option button in each group?