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    Burning a Premiere CS5.5 project using third party software

    sparkwrite Level 1

      HI All. Maybe you can help me. I have just spent a few days creating a promotional video, a pretty simple one using audio from SonicFire, transions and titles from the title maker in Premiere. No fancy stuff from Adobe After Effects, only Premiere Pro CS5.5. It is under six minutes long. I sent it to Encore using the dynamic link like I usually do, clicked the Build button and it started. A moment later it told me "Encode Failed". I have no idea why and it seems after scouring the forum, no one else does either. Could be anything they say and then a bunch of grumbling about poor support. I agree. Anyway, someone mentioned third party software to burn the project with, but I have not been able to find anything that says there software is compatible with Premiere. I really don't want to have to go back and do the whole thing again, hours and hours and hours. This is the first time this has happened and the first project that I really, truley wanted to burn to a dvd as it is a promotional video of an invention of mine that I want to market. It is perfect on the project monitor and plays just like I would like it to play on a DVD, but  DAAAAA! What am I to do? I even thought of videoing the project window with my camera, but I don't think that would look very good. Can anyone give me a hand here. Spark, on the coast in Northern California. I will send a pre-appreciation to anyone who can help. Thanks