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    Green lines with video


      My issue is not so much that I can't uninstall Flash player 11 active X, as it is that Flash Player 11 does not play all flash player videos. In youtube some video's play and some do not, same in Amazon streaming video. The video's that do not play, the screen is green with lines running through it. I am running Windows 7 64 bit, IE 9, AMD Phenom quad core. I will not update Adobe Flash Player until this version 11 player has been repaired.  To get around the problem for now, I used my back up and restored back to a safe time.  Thanks in advance.



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          chris.campbell Adobe Employee


          I branched your post off into it's own topic as it's very different from the one you replied to.  You could be having a problem with your video drivers.  Can you take a look at the following FAQ which gives a few suggested solutions and also details the information we'll need from you so we can investigate further?


          How do I troubleshoot and report problems with Flash Player Video?

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            This Green line issue has happened to me too! it only occured two days ago before Adobe automatically updated. My computer is fine im abdolutely sure.


            Intel i7 2600, 16gb ram, 1tb HHD and 60gb SSD with a Phillips 24" Led smart screen connected through HDMI, Windows 7 Premium, 64 bit.

            my computer is relitively new only purchased in Feb this year.


            this issue of a green line appearing on the top of MOST youtube videos is driving me insane, the colour is also i dont know how to describe it but pushed downwards, leaving a small black and white area just below the green line on the top of the video.

            it goes away if i go into full screen mode, but then the videos look crap, all pixelated because some were not intended for a 24" screen for instance.


            I tried uninstalling Flash player and reinstalling it, did not work, i even tried downloading and installing Flash player 10 but it would not let me install because "it was not the current version"


            can you please tell me how to get rid of the bug or issue please. Flash player 10 was brilliant and worked just fine with no issues at all.


            Here are some pictures of some random videos on youtube as proof. they were taken from my HTC Desire HD 8MP Camera. Dont mind the vertical lines from the screen but look at the colours!

            some are in normal size and some in fullscreen, can you tell the differance?




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              chris.campbell Adobe Employee

              Can you provide us with the following?


              Dxdiag report

              Browser version

              Flash version

              specific URL where this occurs


              Do you notice any difference if you disable hardware acceleration?


              How do I disable or enable hardware acceleration?




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                pwillener Level 8

                If disabling Hardware Acceleration "fixes" the green lines, then updating the device drivers for your display adapter will probably permanently fix the issue; see http://forums.adobe.com/thread/945765.


                After updating the drivers you can re-enable Hardware Acceleration.

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                  I have a nvidia geforce gt 300m graphics card.  When I disable hardware acceleration the green line problem goes away.  However,  there is not update for my driver.  It is current.  This all started happening with the latest adobe flash update

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                    glennbeek55 Level 1

                    Chris, Thank you for all of your and your communities support on this issue.  I am thinking that I had a malicious software issue or something.  After I restored my OS to an earlier time and updated the flash player software to 11,2,202,228, I had no problems at all.  It functions fine with or without the hardware acceleration.  My system consists of: Windows 7 64 bit, 8GB ram, AMD Phenom 4 core processor, 2 each Lightscribe DVD R/W players, 3.5" floppy disc drive, 2 each 1 TB SATA HDD , GT 450 video card.  Thanks again for your help.



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                      chris.campbell Adobe Employee

                      Glenn, thanks for the update and that's great to hear!



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                        I'm seeing the same problems with a green line at the top of my Flash videos.  The problem started after I updated to Flash v11.2.202.228. I am not having problems with other streaming video formats (e.g. Netflix and HTML5 based videos). I am running Win7 64bit. I'm seeing the problem in Firefox v11 and IE9 but not Chrome. All my drivers are up to date.  It seems to be an issue with the Flash plugin, not a driver issue.



                        Disabling hardware acceleration resolves the problem, but this is less than ideal. Since it only started happening after Flash Player was updated, the issue would seem to be with the latest Flash update.

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                          chris.campbell Adobe Employee

                          Hi Ken,

                          When you have a minute, please see the following post that describes the problem and has a few additional questions for you that can help us out.


                          Video investigation with Flash Player