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    mp4 size


      I have inserted a video mp4 file in Dreamweaver and uploaded it to my website.  The mp4 file is 79.3 MB, a little more than 14 minutes.  Dimensions are 900 x 506, Codecs:  H.264, AAC and total bit rate is 719.  When I go to my website and try to view the video it takes about a minute for it to appear.  I had developed the mp4 in After Effects.  What I need to know is how to reduce the size of the file and still retain the same dimensions and relative clarity of the file.  Right now I am considering presenting the video in 4 segments but really prefer to keep is as one file.


      Appreciate any help

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          adninjastrator Level 4

          I'd say the video bitrate is just fine.. 700kbps is very reasonable for this day and age. And you really wouldn't need to split the video if you could get it to progressive download (download the first few seconds of video, then start the display, the continue as the video download "progresses".

          Looks like your problem is that the file is not "progessively" downloading....that's why you have to wait a minute for the video to start to play.

          Many mp4 end up with their MOOV ATOM at the very end of the file rather than at the very beginning... meaning that the entire file must download before the browsers can display any of the video. The solution is to swap that index file from the very end of the file to the very beginning.




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            gweingourt Level 1

            I believe that you are on the right track.  I tried to look in the MOOV ATOM and could not find it.  I was going to try and change the position but am at loss when trying to locate it.   Where does it reside.  I am working with Dreamweaver and After Efects.

            When using the Media Encoder CS5.5 the following is the input of the mp4 file: 900x506, 29.97 fps, Progressive, 00;14;31;03; 48000 Hz Stereo.  This is the file that I uploaded to my website.


            I do appreciate your looking into this.



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              adninjastrator Level 4

              Look at the links I posted and Google "QTIndexSwapper" for more info.

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                gweingourt Level 1

                I really feel like I'm missing something.  Where are the links that you posted?




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                  gweingourt Level 1

                  I just downloaded the QTIndexSwapper and when I was reading the description:



                      QT Index Swapper is a tool to switch the index data in MP4 files to the beginning of the file.  This is important for progressively playing the content with the new Flash Player update.



                  It brings up another questionl.  The reason that I resorted to MP4 which utilizes the QuickTime Player plugin was because I could not use Flash as my video maker.  Flash files are not recognized by Macs such as the IPad, etc.


                  This is the main reason that I use the MP4 process.


                  Will the QT Index Swapper also work with the MP4 indepenly of Flash.


                  Once again, thanks



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                    adninjastrator Level 4

                    Problem with QT mp4 MOOV ATOM are very common and there are several ways to accomplish the switch. QTIndexSwapper is just one. Create a copy of the video file and test... see if it works for you.

                    If not, there are many other good examples of how to do it... just Google "QTIndexSwapper" or "mp4 moov atom" and check out some of the other links.

                    By the description of your problem... this is almost certainly the issue.

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                      gweingourt Level 1



                      I was hoping to say BINGO.  But it has not happened.  I made a copy of the file, used the QTIndexSwapper, uploaded it to the website and still takes about a minute for it to start.


                      Any ideas where I should go from here???






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                        adninjastrator Level 4


                        Does the entire file have to download before the video starts to play? If so, it's still a MOOV ATOM problem.

                        If no, it just downloads a small part of the file, then it starts to play, then there is some other problem.

                        Answer this question first (downloads entire file first or not) and then we can move on.


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                          gweingourt Level 1

                          What it looks like to me is that the entire file downloads and then it starts to play.   When I close the browser(Firefox) and reopen it and go to my website and click on that file then it plays almost immediately.  If I then go to Google Chrome and go to my website and click on that file it takes about a minute before it starts playing.  If I close and then reopen Google Chrome and click on that file then it also plays almost immediately.


                          How can I look at the code to see where the MOOV ATOM is?

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                            adninjastrator Level 4

                            OK, then this is just a MOOV ATOM problem.

                            While you can Google more about it, here are a few results I've found:

                            http://camstudio.org/forum/discussion/492/quicktime-pro-finalcut-pro-or-imovie-settings-op timized-for-youtube/p1



                            I can't recall the exact steps in using QuickTime or maybe it's QuickTimePro... but here is an excerpt from a post that seems to touch on what I recall:

                            Some encoding software puts the atom to the end of the file - in this case, simply open the clip with Quicktime and safe it selfcontained into another file. QT automatically puts the atom to the beginning...

                            So while this may seem a little frustrating... I'm 100% sure you are on the right track... it's a MOOV ATOM problem.

                            Not sure why QTIndexSwapper didn't work... it's a highly recommended method. You might want to give it a second try.

                            Best wishes,


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                              gweingourt Level 1



                              I went to the first link above (camstudio) and invested in Quicktime pro.  It just seemed that this was the path of least resistance.  I can't tell you the relief I felt when that file opened immediately.  Not only that but I was also having trouble with Safari.  It opened and played immediately there also.


                              I have another question for you.  The controllers on my files, when they are uploaded,  originated from Flash files.   When I first started to upload the video files I did it with Flash.   l do not use Flash (because of restrictions by Apple) and deleted any reference to Flash from the root folder.  So my question to you is how do you select different controllers for these files.   I am now working with mp4/mov files.


                              Thanks again for your tenacity in staying with the problem.



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                                adninjastrator Level 4

                                By "controllers" do you mean "skin"?... or the outside look and controls of the video player?

                                One of the great features of Flash was you could build your own. It's a little more complex now.

                                How about one of these great players:




                                Best wishes,