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    CS5.5 hangs on P2 files that CS5 didn't


      When importing P2 files to CS5, I had no problems. Since upgrading to CS5.5 my earlier projects hang on certain (P2)  files until I restart premiere. I cannot import these files at all, but can separate them and copy in to premiere. This solution does not always work. Somehow cs5.5 does not handle the p2 files as well as cs5 did. Any suggestions?

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          Jim Curtis Community Member

          Any suggestions?


          The usual:  Trash Pr Prefs (hold option/alt while launching). Reinstall app if all else fails.  5.5 doesn't have an inherent problem with P2 on my system.


          However, I have had problems with P2 files that were corrupted when copying from the card to an external drive.  They seem to be sensitive to that, especially with a simple Finder copy where the CONTENTS folder is dragged from the card to a disk.  Best practice is to use a utility that does a verification, to ensure a byte-for-byte copy is made.


          And, I've also had a situation where FCP7 could import P2 where Pr couldn't.  In that case, I just transcoded via Log & Transfer to Quicktime, and brought them into Pr.

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            I have a simular issue where I cant edit P2 AVC-Intra 1080P @ 100mbs - if I have large/long files it hangs up memory and crashes while scrolling in timeline.  I have duplicated the problem on two different editing systems. CS5 woks with the same files just fine -- while CS5.5 just crashes.  Tech support has been painfully slow and mostly useless.  Waiting for CS6 to fix it.