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    NAB Transact IDs

    _zoe Level 1

      Hi People at BC


      We've just been sent our NAB Transact IDs for both Direct Post and API. When using our Merchant IDs in the 'username' field, we receive the following error:


      ERROR: An error occurred while processing credit card
      Invalid merchant ID 504.


      The Merchant ID we have has two letters and five numbers, but the Knowledgebase suggests that a Merchant ID for NAB Transact should have three letters and four numbers (http://kb.worldsecuresystems.com/833/cpsid_83342.html?bc-partner). 

      I also noticed that on another forum post (http://www.businesscatalyst.com/ForumRetrieve.aspx?A=New&ForumID=1737&TopicID=20503&Parent ID=0&NoTemplate=False#catforumeditor) it is recommeded that we use our Client ID, not our Merchant ID.


      Would you mind providing some clarity around this?



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          officeBrah Level 2

          From memory, I am quite positive that the username/merchant ID must be a 7 digit number and cannot be anything else. If your Client ID happens to be a 7 digit number, I suggest trying that.


          I also suggest using the live NAB gateway and not the test gateway, and instead testing with a $1 product if you aren't already.

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            Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            It is not a 7 digit number, it is a number and letters - 3  letters + 4 numbers. Based on what your saying Zoe I would stab at looking at if one of the numbers is actually a letter. So if it is 0- try o instead.

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              _zoe Level 1

              Hi Guys


              Thanks for replying.


              Thanks for the suggestions Liam. At the moment the ID is in the format of PX45070 (example - ie the third character is not a zero). I have been copying it directly from our details JIC (I thought that perhaps one of the later zeros was actually an 'O') but am still receiving the same errors.


              Two questions:


              Is it possible that there is another ID (other than the specified Client ID - 3 characters - and the Merchant IDs - seven) that NAB do not send with the initial information. In past posts people have mentioned having to call NAB for this information.


              Are people using the API Transaction Password in the 'password' field? I'm not sure if the Business Catalyst system will also echo 'wrong Client ID' if the password is wrong?




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                Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                I do not use it and you will need to contact NAB I think. There should be 3 characters. IF they have made any changes to their system where that is not the case and not made that change clear to developers (Such as BC) and new accounts do not work in BC then BC will need to update their system to support that.

                It could be that or it is  the wrong number etc. I would give NAB support a go, Quote the knowledgebase link for setup with BC and see what they come back to you with.


                I never set it up with this company, just basing my thoughts on common issues people run into etc.

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                  IgniteDigitalMarketing Level 1

                  FYI... when one of my clients was originally supplied their credentials by the NAB (in email format) it was not actually the correct details we required. I ended up having to call and be told something different by the call center staff. So yes, calling to confirm what the details are would be a good idea !

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                    _zoe Level 1

                    Hi Everyone


                    Turns out they have changed their Merchant ID format. Thanks Ignite - I did have to call them in the end to get the right details. Its still a two letter, five number deal but seems to work that way.



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                      IgniteDigitalMarketing Level 1

                      Something else to make sure of (especially if you havent done this before)..... when your client helpfully says "yes I have changed the password from the default one ... its now xxxyyy etc" ... be sure they have manually gone in and changed their API Transaction password from the default abcd1234... which is a separate issue from changing the login password. Some clients may be unaware of this.

                      nab password.jpg

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                        Vince Fedele Level 1

                        It should be 2 characters FYI.