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    Merging XML in InDesign template


      Hey everyone!


      Currently, a few guys and I are working on kind of a year book for our grade (we're Germans). In the year book each student of our grade has their own "profile". We have the data that's supposed to fill out the profiles in an XML-file. This file looks like this:

























      Now I created an InDesign template in which the content should be merged. (Not all the content though. There are some lines, like password or number of changes that are not to be included).

      My problem is:

      1. We have one text area for the name of the student, and one for the content of the profile. I think that both of these text areas have to be given the tag <abi> as it is the root tag of each profile. However, we can only put the <abi>-tag on one text area. How do we solve this?

      2. We've imported the XML-file and created all the tags. We've multiplied this page template to having enough pages. But now, we don't know how to get the XML-content into the template. How do we do this?


      (We use InDesign CS5.5)


      Thanks in advance!