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    flex 4.1 sdk application issue


      My application consists of 4 modules developed in flex sdk 4.0, has resource bundles (eng and spanish), now we designed 5th module with flex sdk4.1 has eng and spanish resource bundles, when i


      compile and run the whole app(5 modules) under unix environment with sdk4.0, every module is loading fine, until the 5th modules loads, when 5th module loads, for the first time spanish language is not


      loading, the whole page is blank, when i switch back to english it is loading everything and then clicked spanish it is working fine, every time when i change the viewstack the spanish is not working for the


      first time. I debugged the issue, it is not giving any error,


      intialize() method is called, creationcomplete is not called for viewstack main component,


      i changed all 5 modules to flex sdk4.1  and complied and it runs fine without spanish loading problem.


      my question is their any way i can use use sdk4.0 and run the application,


      is they any issue of developing one module with sdk4.1 and compling it with 4.0?