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    Photoshop- IPAD


      I would like to buy an IPAD and use Photoshop on it. If i work with Photoshop touch on Ipad, and save the file- can i save it in PSD? Can I upload that file to my PC and open that file for further editing in Photoshop on PC?

      Orcan I only do that with Creative cloud?



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          David__B Adobe Employee

          Hi Sara,


          Photoshop Touch requires an iPad2 or iPad3. You definitely can start a project in Photoshop Touch and then transfer it to a computer to work on in Photoshop on a computer. It requires Photoshop CS5 and would require transferring the file through the Creative Cloud website to get it on the computer. Using the Creative Cloud website is free, you just need an Adobe ID. Once you create an Adobe ID you would sign in with that account in PS Touch and there is an option to upload your project to the Creative Cloud. On the computer you would open the Creative Cloud website (https://creative.adobe.com/) and download the project, its in PSDX instead of PSD (PSDX is the Photoshop Touch format). To import it into Photoshop you have to install a special plug-in, but there is an installer that does it for you. It sounds more complicated than it really is. We have this document that describes the process in detail.