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    Custom callouts

    bowen192 Level 1

      Hello ,


      Does anyone hear create callouts that are more elaborate than a line or arrow?


      I want to create something like ' O-------o ' with the number inside the 'O'.  It would take too long to do it manually; it takes long enough to do a dog leg.

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          SQUIDDS Level 1

          Hello, good question.


          There is a solution for FrameMaker 10 with an ExtendScript, named "Graphic Background" in English.
          The currently description is in german only (at may 2011 also in English).

          Beautiful, you can set some values ... and the callout is grouped.
          You can move it, or you  can re-size it as group.


          Sample result:


          Download the software, currently release 048: www.finalyser.com

          Open Menu: Finalyser > ExtenScript > Graphic Background


          - Georg