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    Voting via Web Apps (i.e., wishlist)

    FriscoTX Level 2

      There was apparently a Wiki article referenced in the old forum at


      that did not make it into the new knowledgebase.


      If anyone recalls what was there, how was that function set up, where users can post only one response/vote per entry on a wishlist or other such list of items?


      Thanks -- Bill

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          mario_gudelj Most Valuable Participant

          Hi Bill,


          That was just a blank placeholder for an article we wanted to build, but never did Not sure why someone would refer to it.


          Anyway, the wishlist is implemented using a web app and the comments module.


          The web app module supports sorting on the number of comments. This is the module format and the last parameter is "sort".



          {module_webapps,ID,filter,itemID,notUsed,targetFrame,useBackup,resultsPerPage,hideEmptyMes sage,rowLength,Sort}



          If you place "comments" inside the sort parameter it will display the items with the largest number of Comments first.


          If you go to http://www.businesscatalyst.com/wish-list/list you'll find the New Wish link on top of the page. That's just a web app item creation form.


          Below it is a list of web app items. The number of comments is displayed by {tag_commentcount} in the list layout.


          Detail layout simply has a comment form in it with {module_ratingfeedback} below it which displays all the comments.


          That's it really.


          If you don't want to capture the comments you can prefill the field with somethign like "I vote!" and hide it.


          I hope that helps. Let us knwo if you have any further questions about it.