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    Unable to access local photos after upgrading Android OS

    Ed_Engberg Newcomer

      I currently use PSTouch on my Xoom wifi and have the latest version. I am running ICS 4.0.4 and can no longer see any local files using PSTouch. I have tried all the normal procedures (I am a Xoom power user) including uninstalling and reinstalling PSTouch. Still cannot see any local files at all. I can see my files if I upload them to the Cloud.

      I can take pictures with PSTouch and they are in the project but they cannot be copied, moved or imported into another project.

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          ibarrien Champion

          Hi when it comes to not being able to see files maybe this post can help you:



          Pictures that are taken from Camera fill in PS Touch are not saved to the Gallery.

          If you want to do that you need to go through the "add image from" if you plan to add to an existing project.

          If you start a new project you need to do "add project from" button next to the add project button.




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            Ed_Engberg Newcomer

            Thanks for the try, tried all the normnal ICS tricks to re-install the Android media database. None allow me to see the local files. Other Photo apps can see all local files so it does not seem to be a database problem.

            If I try to add an image to a project PSTouch goes to the add files screen and the local files is blank, nothing there. I can add from the cloud with no problem.

            I can also save to the camera roll but the pic is not seen in the local files by PSTouch or even other media browsers.


            Added: At one time in the past this did work and I could see local files. Not sure exactly when the problem started might be around the the time I started with ICS. I am not a cloud user so not being able to add files from local storage minimizes the use of what is otherwise the best photo editing on Android.

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              ibarrien Champion

              Are you on a Xoom without carrier (e.g. Verizon) and have an official update to ICS 4.0.4?

              When you mean that you can save to the Camera roll you mean from PS touch right?

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                Ed_Engberg Newcomer

                As I stated before I have a Xoom wifi, no carrier.


                Yes, when I can save to the camera roll I mean from the PSTouch. The photo is available in PSTouch but nowhere else. It does not show up later in the local files so cannot be used again in another project.

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                  Warunicorn Rockstar

                  That is so odd because I don't have such problems and I have the same model (and I'm assuming Android version, build version, etc.; see my other post for the screenshot).


                  My Local Files screenshot:


                  Camera folder screenshot:


                  Pictures folder screenshot:


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                    Ed_Engberg Newcomer

                    Local folders is completely blank for me.

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                      Warunicorn Rockstar

                      Darned odd, that is. 


                      Is there something maybe preventing PS Touch from cataloging your local images?


                      I've had PS Touch ever since it was released for Android back when the Xoom was using Honeycomb but didn't have any problems even after the upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich.

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                        Ed_Engberg Newcomer

                        I amcurrently working with Adobe to find the problem and maybe it is an interferring app, though the problem occurs even when the only app running is PSTouch.

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                          ibarrien Champion

                          The issue was that another application was if not corrupting the database - keeping it from being used.

                          It was com.mytwc.common.resource better known as "My TWC™". One could see it in the logs from logcat.

                          The workaround is the same as in the thread above only that in this case you need to disable or uninstall the application that is causing the issue.



                          PS Touch does not catalogue the images - if that was the case the workaround mentioned above (http://forums.adobe.com/message/4219941#4219941)
                          would not have any direct impact.




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                            I have the motorola xoom 4.0.4 also havent been able to access thelocal folder of app since it was purchased 4 months ago. I have tried every trick in these Adobe forums to no avail. I believe it could be an application corrupting th database but dont know how to use logcat to root cause the issue. Please help.

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                              Ed_Engberg Newcomer

                              Actually the problem was not TWC. Uninstalling the app had no effect. The solution was to clear the media database. I can see all local files normally now. I have reinstalled TWC with no problem.

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                                2gohan403 Newcomer

                                so what are the step by step directions on doing this because i thought i had done that

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                                  Ed_Engberg Newcomer

                                  Thanks to gmanapps on the Motorola Xoom forum.

                                  • Goto Settings->Apps
                                  • Select ALL apps tab
                                  • Scroll down "Media Storage" application
                                  • Select It
                                  • Stop the Service
                                  • Select Clear Data
                                  • Make sure Xoom is not connected to your PC
                                  • Do full shutdown of your Xoom, then power it back up.
                                  • Wait 5-10 minutes as content is reindex. As its being reindex it is normal that you won't see anything in your Music player, gallery, or even when connected to your PC.
                                  • Check your Gallery or Music application to see if content has start to reappear.  Don't panic if it hasn't yet.  Give it another 5-10 minutes.   If it hasn't appeared then try powering off and rebooting Xoom a second time.
                                  • If content doesn't start showing up after second reboot, Download and run the ScanMedia application from the Android market: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.dcd.scanmedia
                                  • Start the reindexing process from the application.
                                  • Once reindexing is done your content should be visible in Gallery, Music Player, and you should be able to browse SDCard and internal storage from PC again without directory duplication/errors
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                                    2gohan403 Newcomer

                                    finally i can see the folders under local photos thanks for the step by step directions