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    How to call a URL Using In-design


      I am wondering what Class/Method/api to use if I want to make a call to a URL.



      For example, let's use twitter as an example.  If I want to see the 10 most recent tweets regarding Aishwarya Rai, I would use twitter's search JSON API and call this URL:




      I want to know how to call that URL.  I don't need to hyperlink to it.  I just want to know how to call it, and how to handle the response.  If you paste that URL into a browser, you will see a typical JSON response.



      So my second question is...are there any JSON handlers included in the InDesign SDK?  Or any know third-party things that I can use?



      Continuing with the twitter example, I would want to display the results later in a dialog box, formatted in a specific way.



      Anyone one with suggestions?