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    CS3 PPixHandleUtilities.cpp-114 error


      I am running Windows Vista 32 bit and Adobe Premiere Pro CS3.  I have been working in HD video for over 6 months now and haven't had any troubles exporting footage from Canon T2i or T3i.


      However, now when I export it will render out about 30-45% and display an error "Src/PPixHandleUtilities.cpp-114"


      Sometimes it will say a video frame failed to generate content, and I go to that frame and change the footage, etc, and then it will give me a different frame that is the issue, so I don't think it's a problem with my video, but instead sometime corrupt in my Premiere.  Sometimes it says that Adobe's memory is low, but it has around 1.3 TB of storage, though I can't change the main media scratch discs, but there is still enough room where they currently are.


      I have searched Google and other forums and tried everything they suggested.  Two things I am unable to try are to put a transparent video on the top video layer above the entire project (the clip drop down menu is all grayed out all of a sudden), and another was to take a file from the Encore CS3 and copy it into Premiere, but I have Premiere CS3, and the rest of the suite is the older version, CS2 or 2.0.


      I called Adobe and they told me to upgrade to the newest version of the software.  I am working on building a new computer and with that I will be upgrading all of my software, however until I can save up the money and get all the components I am stuck with what I have.


      It is important to me to resolve this as quickly as possible, and I will provide any further information required to try and get to the bottom of this issue.  Thank you

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          I am not familiar with that particular error message, but with "Failure to Return Frame," or similar syntax, it is caused by there being a gap in the Video Stream. That might be a tiny, one-Frame gap, or a larger one.


          I would check the Timeline very carefully (zooming in horizontally to the max), and especially about the point, that the Transcode is failing, but remember, that might just be the first problem, and there could be more lurking down the Timeline.


          If you need a gap between Clips in the Timeline, create some synthetic Black Video (New Icon in the Project Panel) and fit that into the gap.


          Another "trick" is to create Transparent Video, place it on a higher Video Track, and extend that to "cover" all gaps in the lower Video Tracks. Personally, I like Black Video.


          Good luck, and hope that it is just a gap in your Video.



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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Also, see this ARTICLE for more background, and possibilities.


            I have also seen MP3 Audio Clips stop Transcoding, but with "pixel" in your error, would think of Video first.


            Good luck,



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              narcherFILMS Level 1

              Thanks for the prompt reply Bill.  I have done what you said and added black video in the gaps between the titles (which never caused problems before, but may be now) and upon exporting I go the same error.  After reading your article I saw that maybe I should add black video to the end, which is what I will try right now and get back to you on.  All of my audio is in the .wav format, so shouldn't have any mp3 issues to deal with.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                No, the PCM/WAV material should not be an issue, and that you were able to Transcode the Audio, seems to indicate that it is not a problem.


                Good luck, and when you track things down, please post the solution. Also, another user might have experience with your particular error message. I am just not familiar with that module.



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                  narcherFILMS Level 1

                  Thanks!  I'll keep you posted.  So far no luck with filling the gaps.  The error, I noticed, does pop up sometimes when I'm not rendering.  I am trying to track down all the frames it is indicating (which change everytime I get the error while rendering, which so far happens everytime I render) and clipping them out.  Will keep updating this.

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                    narcherFILMS Level 1

                    I have literally tried everything and am at a complete loss.  I filled the timeline gaps with black video, nothing.  So then I put a transparent video above the whole project, still get render errors about failed frames.  Each time I render it's a different frame, even if I don't remove the frame it specified before.  Beginning to think there is some corruption in the CS3 program files, but don't know how to track it down and with Adobe support telling me the solution is simply to buy the new version, not sure I can do a 'repair' on the CS3 program.


                    Any thoughts or additional help would be greatly appreciated.


                    As far as I know there have been no software or hardware changes since the last successful render a month ago.