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    Form Fields Printing but Not Form Itself?


      We have a fill-able form. When printing, the form fields print out fine but the form itself will not print. We realized it was a secured pdf, and contacting the original sender, was able to unsecure it. It prints out form and the text form fields.


      Some time has passed and a part of the form is no longer applicable to us. Using Acrobat Livecycle, we deleted that part, but now, when we try to print, we have our initial problem of the form fields printing but not the form itself. And contacting the original sender is not an option.


      What is causing this? How can we make it so that it prints out the form and form fields? Should we be suing a different program to edit the pdf? (And for my own knowlegde, how do you do something like that in the first place?)


      Thank you so much.