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    Sick and tired of having to reinstall Adobe Flash Player everytime I restart my computer.


      I'm running the Latest Flash player 11.2on Windows 7 64bit with IE 9 and McAfee antivirus and this problem has been going on for at least a year. I keep hoping that a new version of flash player will solve the problem but after a year I am just sick of problems with Flash. (I hate Steve Jobs but I'm beginning to share his view of Flash.) Every time I start my laptop I have to reinstall Flash to view any videos or flash content on the web. I always get a message that I need to update my flash player and I have already updated it a million times. After I update it works until I restart the machine. I searched for solutions on Google, Adobe Forum and tried all the different suggestions but the problem continues. I've tried using other Antivirus programs but the problem continues. It doesn't matter if I use the 32 bit or 64 bit IE. It's always the same problem. Why can't Adobe find a solution to this problem? People have been complaining about the problem since Flash Player 9. I've experienced the problem since Flash player 10. I'm wondering if Adobe is doing it intentionally just to increase the number of downloads for the Adobe Flash player and every time I have to deselect the stupid Google bar. Maybe Adobe is just trying to make more money off Google by forcing me to reinstall two or three times a day?