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    Accordion menu problem. Doesn't move.




      Here are files I've modified.



      I was making an accordion menu after this tutorial.

      http://www.thetechlabs.com/xml/build-a-dynamic-accordion-menu-in-flash-cs4-with-actionscri pt-30-and-xml/


      In basic tutorial there is extra part of button where you add menu name "home, about us" etc.

      But I don't need this. I needed more simplier. From xml file I load an image or swf. And then you just mouse over it and it moves and it clicks. No extra 30 pixels for button space.


      If i change AS line


      to ldr.x=27

      then it moves, but there is extra unnecessary empty space between content things. I don't need it. What should I do?

      I'm total beginer at these things, but I really need this thing.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You need to find where the space between is being added. If you include the relevant code in your posting you are more likely to get help.  Also, probiding screenshots to show the problem you want to solve can be helpful.


          People are generally not too keen about chancing downloading files and researching tutorials or other external information when trying to help in forums.