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    After Effects CS4 problem (and Premiere Pro CS4)


      For the past two days I've had trouble starting my Adobe software. (AE and PP)


      I've suddenly gotten this:



      I've had this software for a year or two with no issues whatsoever. I have not put in my serial for fear it's a virus.


      Things I've done to try to fix this:

      Restart the computer (many times)

      Run AVG scanning over the entire computer (done multiple times)

      Run CCleaner to check for any issues and cleaning (done multiple times)

      Restored the computer back a few weeks ago when I knew the software was working. First few times I did this, it would just restart, and say it couldn't restore because a process was stopping it from running. Ended up restoring it in safe-mode sucessfully.

      Check for any weird processes on my computer. Nothing strange.


      Any ideas where to go from here?


      Thanks in advance, - WilsonCW