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    Why is BC so slow?


      I am finding BC becoming so slow over the past few days, to the point that the Admin is barely usable. I also have concerns that our website could also be affected.


      Is anyone else seeing these problems?

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          mario_gudelj MVP

          businesscatalyst.com, which is hosted on Australian data centre loads in 2.84 seconds. I've used Firebug's Net panel to test this. Admin, although slower, is reasonably fast. Can you perhaps tell us which site you're referring to and which data centre so that we can look into it and approach opertaions team if needed?





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            Brad Lawryk ACP/MVP

            A couple of days ago had some issues where it was painfully slow. But the last few days has been better. This is on US Datacenters ...

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              P-J-H Community Member



              This is on the Australian Datacentre for http://www.bluebanyan.com.au.

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                Liam Dilley MVP

                Other then the issues from last week I am not seeing any increased slowness this week. Just the general V3 issues which are known about (Being slower then the old UI) but the sites are running well.

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                  mario_gudelj MVP

                  HI P-J-H,


                  I just loaded your front end and it's lightning fast. Here are the stats:




                  I cliecked around the admin and it seesm normal http://screencast.com/t/sen6SoChwR


                  I still have to be convinvced that when BC isn't experiencing any issues it isn't the fastest host out there.





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                    P-J-H Community Member

                    Thanks Mario,


                    Must be a problem my end, although other areas of the web seem fine.


                    Off to investigate!




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                      Liam Dilley MVP

                      When it is working it is indeed REALLY FAST!
                      Why I hope V3 can get better because when you switch to V2 which got slower over the years with things latched on to it, it is stil faster.

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                        Yes, I we work on many Adobe Business Catalyst websites, and I have been experiencing frustrating slowness for quite some time. My team members have also been complaining about this. I don't have a good answer for my clients.


                        The slowness is particularly prevalent in the Admin area. I get a lot of time outs and very slow loads of pages, panels and tools.





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                          Hi P-J-H, I just loaded your site and it loaded lightning fast too. I'm in the UK. So site is looking good!


                          Just to say that I have noted a marked speed improvement between v2 and v3. Even when I flip between them live. My clients have noticed the difference too one of which runs some bush schools and orphanages in Mozambique and their broadband is Satellite phone-based.




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                            Ironpaper Community Member

                            I wasn't speaking about the website, I am talking about the Admin system. When we begin working with the Admin it is responsably fast, but after an action or two, the Admin system begins to slow and have hang times. I have been given reports of this as well by my clients.


                            For example, I would go to create a new Dynamic Menu and the load time for the top horizontal menu in the Admin is a touch slow. Then I click add new menu and create the menu... each action has a slowness (in load and save actions) that cause the simple task to ultimately take a lot longer than it should. Then I click "Add menu to a web page" in order to retrieve the ID of the new menu that I created, and the pop-up panel gets a hang time and never loads.


                            I am not just picking on that tool set. Many of the Admin tools have given us problems in terms of load time... We work with a broad range of other CMSs, but this one has been the only to cause frustration with load times. This problem has been recurring to us for a while. It happens most times when we work with the Admin, but not during the first action that we take after logging in. But at some time during the work process with the Admin, things begin to slow down.





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                              Brad Lawryk ACP/MVP

                              Which Datacenters are you on? I am on US DC and I rarely have that issue anymore.


                              Another possibility is bandwidth throttling by your Internet Provider? (Just throwing that out there as a possibility)

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                                Brad Lawryk ACP/MVP

                                Also, is there a certain time of day that it's worse?

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                                  Ironpaper Community Member

                                  Not sure about time of day. The problem seems to be happening at night and day.


                                  We are on US data center, but I am not sure which and whether I can specify.

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                                    be.free Community Member

                                    Sorry to hear. The v3 admin is much faster than the v2 for me.


                                    Perhaps it’s the node relays between your ISP and the Adobe data centre?


                                    Hope you come right.








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                                      Ironpaper Community Member

                                      Wayne, Thanks for your thoughts and insights.