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    Is it possible to reset a layer's bounding box to exclude alpha?

    bjgough Level 1

      I searched the forum before asking.... I'm not even sure how to ask this properly... I have imported several layers from a photoshop file. Many of the layers are in groups to give me some pre-comp options in AE. On import, I did NOT choose to retain the layer size (or whatever that third option is) — I brought the file in just preserving the layers themselves. The precomps (when placed inside my master comp) have a bounding box that is limited to JUST that PSD's group content. However, if I open the pre-comp itself, all of the layers bounding boxes are scaled/sized to the size of the comp (in this case, 640x960). This means that the smaller layer items (say, a hand) has it's anchor point in the middle of the comp and the handles are on the perimeter of the comp. SO, even though the hand layer is only 200x200px in total size, I've got all the negative space included in my bounding box.


      What I'm wondering is this: do I need to move everything out of groups in my PSD in order to be able to see the relatively appropriate bounding box? Or, is there a way to "crop" the bounding box so that it finds the widest and tallest distances of a layer's content (excluding the alpha) and then trim/crop/reduce/adjust/resize itself accordingly?


      I'm not sure how else to ask it. Sorry.