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    Restarting system unintalls Flash Player


      This one is new to me!


      Flash Player installs and runs properly, until I restart my system.  After that, whenever I try to view Flash content, it prompts me to install Flash Player.


      The FP add on is enabled in IE9, but if the system has been restarted, FP content will not display and instead presents the icon to install it.


      If my system is not shut down but put into sleep mode, it will restart with FP functional; if it is restarted, FP needs to be reinstalled.


      Steps taken:


      1.  Used the Adobe uninstaller to purg all instances of FP before installation.


      2.  Checked add ons in IE9 to verify that Shockwave Flash Object is enabled.


      3.  Verified Active X filtering settings.


      System: Windows 7 Home Premium.


      Browser: IE9.


      Other Adobe products installed: Adobe EndScript Toolkit CSS, Adobe Photoshop Elements 9, Adobe Premier Elements9, Adobe Reader X.


      Thanks to anyone who can help!