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    Where is the waveform for my breathing on the soundtrack I want to delete?

    Matt Dubuque Level 1



      I'm puzzled.


      I'm doing voiceover narration and have a few sounds of me inhaling that I would like to remove.  I fiddled with the settings in Soundbooth and now I just want to insert some keyframes and squelch the volume on those few portions where my breathing is far more audible than it should be.


      Seems routine to me.


      But even though I have the audio waveform dramatically enlarged, I simply cannot find any waveform corresponding to my breathing.


      As the attached screen shot shows, my current time indicator for Audio Track 2, the voiceover track, is positioned in the exact center of the offending breath.


      To either side, I see nice waveforms corresponding to my speaking on each side of the heavy breath, but I can't see anything at all where I want to see the waveform for my inhalation.


      Any thoughts?

      Screen shot 2012-04-11 at 7.20.24 PM.png

      Here is the screen shot; voiceover is the "Audio 2 track".




      Matt Dubuque