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    Macromedia Flash 8 Portable

    FancyPantsMan Level 1

      Hi everyone! I am very intrested in getting flash for animating, but its very expensive. While I was looking for other animating software, I stumbled across something called "Macromedia Flash 8 Portable". It's free as far as I know and I was wondering if it's a demo version or trial from adobe/macromedia. What concernes me is if it's piracy. If that is the case, I am and will not download the software for pirating I feel is very wrong. Is this software ok to use? Thanks! James.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You should contact Adobe directly if you have concerns about it being pirated software, although being Flash 8, it was before their time (before they acquired Macromedia's product line).  Adobe generally does not make old development software available because they sell new products, and if they did, it is not likely to be offered for free.  I know you would not get any support for it.

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            Giovannio_x Level 1

            Hello everybody!

            I have the same doubt.

            Recently I migrated to Ubuntu, because I did not feel comfortable in using pirated software and I installed the macromedia suite 8 (Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Flash) with wine.

            These softwares have been discontinued and no longer enjoy any assistance, not least because macromedia does not exist.
            But the fact that Adobe have bought Macromedia, I think maybe he has rights to the products that were previously the macromedia.

            It is impossible I can buy some new versions of Adobe CS6, they are extremely expensive.

            Please, I would like someone from Adobe answered my question with clarity and objectivity:
            - It's a crime to use a suite of macromedia 8 transferred to a download site with one free key ?

            Ubuntu for me has been very poor and unproductive.
            If is a crime to use the versions of macromedia 8, I think I'll have to buy a version of windows 7 and buy the software from the Microsoft Expression Studio.

            They are very good and very cheap, byt adove is better.

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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              If you want an answer from someone at Adobe you should contact someone at Adobe.  These are primarily user-to-user forums.

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                Giovannio_x Level 1

                Thanks Ned Murphy

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                  I believe Macromedia flash professional 8 is  not supported by flash anymore, and its opensource now even though it used to be sold expensively like they have flash animate now.


                  MANY pro animators still use this though for its simplicity and easyness to use. I use it to, and no prob! but I am still trying to find the portable version though, so I can work on my animations at school.

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                    Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                    The word "portable" is a bad translation of "professional". The YouTube guides on how to get it for free does not mean that it's open source. The thing that did get made open source is Flex.


                    Effectively you would be pirating, but not a product that is still sold.


                    Like Ned I don't work for Adobe, but that's my guess about this.

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                      Justaway14 Level 1

                      Collin Holgate, Adobe has officially released its registration codes to open public so anyone can use Macromedia professional flash 8. If you don't know about this and accusing people of pirating is not a wise choice I'd say.


                      Also, fancypantsman is asking about a portable version of mx2004(Macromedia professional flash 8) were you can carry it with a flash drive and use it on other computers.


                      Stop 'Guessing' and get the facts right. also, this forum exists because making a complicated program portable is very difficult and its hard to find one. and if you do, you need to verify if it's not a scam.

                      just get real dude

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                        Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                        I did some searching before answering, and watched the YouTube video on how to get the portable version, but it just seemed to be Flash Professional.


                        As for the free version, I had forgot about Flash 8 being effectively CS2, and I know that Adobe made the CS2 downloads available, and then later on the registration servers were closed, making it possible for anyone to download and use the software. But that's a bit different from being open source, and the theory was that only people who had owned a valid number would download the software.


                        If you want to check into that though there's this topic, which has information about the downloadable CS2 applications:


                        Can I use the CS2 software commercially?