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    Adobe Acrobat Pro X, Mac, and Scanning with HP Deskjet Issue!


      I am running Adobe Acrobat X Pro on Lion and when I go to scan from PDF, my HP Deskjet 3052 A scanner isn't showing up in the drop down menu.  I also have Acrobat Pro X for Windows on my machine (VMWare) and it works fine, but it won't work with the Mac version.  I have called Adobe and HP and neither have been able to help me.  I bought this program with this feature in mind, and I am sick of having to toggle back to Windows to scan, as it eats up a lot of my processing power.  I have downloaded the SANE and TWAIN drivers (or so I thought I did) with no luck.  I have also un-installed and re-installed the printer and Adobe multiple times, with no luck!  Please help me!